Schladming is one of the leading international ski resorts in Austria and part of the Ski Amadé network covering 28 ski areas and towns that combined, make up the largest ski area in Europe. Schladming has been the host of several world-class events on Alpine and Nordic skiing including the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 1982. Recently Schladming has been selected to host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2013.

Schladming provides an ideal setting for experiments that enhance the experience of on-site and remote visitors because of several factors: extremely representative; allows experiments on a large scale with massive audience-reach; good cooperation with local representatives; excellent IT-infrastructure (Internet connectivity, wireless networks, 3G/4G mobile networks) and commitment to long-term cooperation and sustainable developments (Schladming 2030). People from almost every demographic group can be expected to participate. Especially people interested in sports with middle to higher income will be present on-site. Some affinity to technical developments can be expected and the majority of spectators will have some sort of mobile device with internet connectivity.

In EXPERIMEDIA, Schladming offers experiments based on participative community experiences oriented to public in general: inhabitant or guests from the region, TV viewers, people who connect to Schladming App with their smartphones, journalist, local businesses.

Here, experimenters have an ideal setting for doing experiments that enhance the experience of on-site and remote visitors in a very well placed location and on a large scale with massive audience. The good cooperation with local representatives allows offering excellent IT-Infrastructure sustainable developments.

Experiments done in Schladming will allow for extending the reach to the Future Internet and enable innovative methods of interacting with interested visitors.

Schladming offers to experimenters an internet data pool which includes relevant information such as point of interest, snow conditions or the real status of lifts and slopes. Experimenters could also make use, if available, of a broadcast room for TV companies, skitracks, skilines, a speed tracking system, Webcam & weather station and a Media center with 1.400 square meters with the latest technology in audio and video equipment.

A free public WIFI with 170 hotspots spread out all around the mountain and the valley and more than 200 ones provided by the resorts of Amadé are also at experimenter’s disposal.

It is also important to remark that Schladming will be a trial area for LTE (the new 4G communication technology).

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