Foundation of the Hellenic World

The Foundation of the Hellenic World, the cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, is located in the new cultural axe of Athens. FHW has a technologically high-end infrastructure to create multimedia exhibitions, virtual reconstructions and exhibits resulting from the Research work and live performances. It disposes Tholos, a 3D, dome shaped Virtual reality theatre/museum (130 seats), exhibition places, KIVOTOS, a cave like system, THEATRON, a theatre of 1100 seats multipurpose theatre, focusing on performing arts and new technologies.

Around 400.000 persons per year attend various events organized at Hellenic Cosmos, the real and virtual exhibitions of FHW, congresses, and performing arts events.

Given that the program of the Cultural Centre is quite flexible and is adapting to the evolution of the productions and the market we can certainly foresee that there will be the permanent exhibition and update of FHW productions, such as the virtual collection of the ancient Agora of Athens, the virtual reconstruction of Ancient Miletus, in Tholos, as well as a large number of performing actions, congresses, presentations and educational programs.

Each type of events has particular issues to be faced, especially concerning smooth operation and legal issues concerning and transition rights. Permanent and new FHW educational productions and multimedia exhibits are among the events that are considered for testing new Future Media Internet technologies.

In EXPERIMEDIA, FHW offers experiments based on cultural and educational experiences oriented to wider public, but with special focus on students and in special programmes for school classes.

Experimenters will found in FHW multifunctional and adaptable buildings and the creation of virtual reconstructions and 3D environtments. Even, Virtual and 3D content developed by third parties are usually compatible with this infrastructure so experimenters could use their own contents.

FHW offers to experimenters cultural and educational content, such as virtual reality productions, interactive multimedia, documentation and textual content and educational exhibitions, among others. Virtual reality projection systems, such as The Tholos, The Kivotos or the Virtual Cinema and content management and provision systems are also at experimenter’s disposal.

An Ethernet backbone and connections based on ADSL could be used by experimenters.

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