The High Performance Centre (in Catalonian, Centre d’alt Rendiment, CAR) is an organisation which gives support to sport so that it can be competitive at an international level, optimizing resources of the highest technical and scientific quality. The aim is to provide the athletes with everything necessary for their complete training so that we can share the knowledge of their activities. The CAR is a public rights organization according to the regulations in Chapter III of law 4/85, 29 March, which was made by the law 13/88, 31 December (DOGC 1088). It is linked with the General Secretary of Sport, and has a financial agreement with the High Sports Council.

The CAR has a state of the art technology and training facility for the top level training, expected to be finished by Autumn 2011, (22.000 m2 and 36 million budget). This new sport module will allow professional sportsman to improve their performance taking advantage of the technological infrastructures available at the new venue. Thanks to this cutting edge infrastructures and technologies, both the trainer and the sportsman will have immediate access to Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, Artistic Gymnastics Men & Women, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Judo, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Bowling, Weightlifting.

Athletes, coaches and trainers will be able to enjoy the use of high-quality sports facilities where they will be able to successfully train for high-level international performances and will be also have access to value-adding technological innovation applied to the world of sports. Thanks to the most cutting edge technologies both, the trainer and the athlete will have immediate access to their training data. CAR features a new global concept of high performance training method with local and remote interaction of athletes’ coaches and follower.

This advanced concept with both local/remote possibilities makes it an ideal setting for the experiments. The CAR is a centre where every day different sorts of training for different sports can take place. The continuous agenda of activities for different sports adds flexibility to the schedule experiments and makes the CAR an excellent partner for EXPERIMEDIA.

In EXPERIMEDIA, CAR offers experiments based on collaborative working experiences oriented to coaches and athletes of different sports, such as Waterpolo, Swimming, Syncronized Swimming, Diving, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Men and Women Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Judo and Wrestling.

Thanks to the experiments, stakeholders will redesign the training process in high performance training, they will get the information faster, they will share information to achieve more accurate decision making and they will enhance reality to create a better picture and increase the quality of sports training.

CAR offers to experimenters content related to training sessions specific for different kind of sports as the mentioned above.

Experimenters could make use of the CAR communication infrastructure; this is based on 10g high speed network available. This infrastructure includes 1.000 connection points, 125 WIFI access points, 100 TB of storage and a GEATN2 network.

Experimenters could also make use of the CAR Service Infrastructure available. This infrastructure is composed by 7 racks connected through fiber optic with 10GB dedicated to the datacenter and other 20GB for linking 2 CISCO NEXUS 7.000. An external link to 100 MB to Internet completes CAR service infrastructures.

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