Experiments exploring new forms of experience in real world and online communities
EXPERIMEDIA is investigating what the Future Internet will be used for. EXPERIMEDIA currently has 9 “experiments” operating, with more to come from the second open call, but what is an experiment?

  • Learning by doing: each experiment is trying to find something out, and not just “does my software work?”
  • Respecting ethics and law: we have a dedicated legal partner to advise on data protection and ethics
  • Going beyond the state of the art: we must be trying new ideas, we must innovate
  • Providing impact for the venue: experiments should engage with the venue and demonstrate potential business value

We are experimenting in real places with real people. Each experiment creates a system using the baseline technologies from the project along with additional technologies from the experimenter. Each experiment collects live data to understand the participants’ interactions with their system and link together quality of service, quality of experience and quality of community measures.

10th October 2014

EXPERIMEDIA continues to realise CAR’s inspirational ideas for using innovative media technology for high performance sports training in the Augmented Table Tennis experiment. CAR’s vision for table tennis was outlined in the facilities design concept as shown in the video below:

Using […]

10th October 2014

FHW are working with technology companies from the Gi-Cluster Innohub Centre to develop a new approach for tracking the location of visitors at venues. Tracking location of visitors indoors was a challenge identified within the EXPERIMEDIA Blue experiment and solving this problem offers huge benefit […]

8th October 2014

Successfull students from the EXPERIMEDIA Student Competition visited the Schladming Smart Venue to turn their ideas into reality. Two pervasive games where designed called GeoExplorer and LightMiners.

LightMiners Design Concept

Schladming Geoexplorer Design Concept
A team of 7 students and 2 supe […]

25th February 2014

3D Remote Sports Biomechanics Analysis: bringing biomechanical analysis to the athlete

25th February 2014

Enhancing visitor experience in history learning by using gamification technology combined with 3D avatars

20th February 2014

“Smart Ski Goggles” aims to experiment with a real-time information system implemented into a wearable data goggle (Oakley Airwave). The displayed information about lifts, slopes, weather, hospitality, community activities and the resort in general support users with congestion monitoring and ba […]

20th February 2014

iCaCoT aims to develop techniques for interactive camera-based coaching and training (iCaCoT) for visitors and sports enthusiasts in Schladming using interactive video navigation. The goal of this experiment is to showcase the unique properties of tiled adaptive streaming, a technology that was deve […]

5th December 2013

The aim of the CARVIREN Experiment is to development a Virtual Community for The CAR Venue, where cinematic and physiological parameters with high definition recordings (from Training Sessions) will be available in real time and/or remotely (if needed), providing rapid feedback to improve the sport […]

31st October 2013

The main challenge of the Live Synchronized Swimming experiment is to enhance the process to improve execution on quality and accuracy of the synchronized swimming routines and improving the training sessions of the team, including quality of the artistic and technical results and increasing the col […]

1st October 2013

The goal of 3D Media In Sports experiment at CAR is to investigate the usefulness of 3D information in high performance sports training centres, which is proved in weightlifting and cycling. 3D information is a key element for accurate and productive training in many aspects. For instance, informati […]

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