EXPERIMEDIA Facility Publishes 2013 Future Media Internet Results

Elite athletes, tourists and cultural enthusiasts are just some of the people benefiting from Future Media Internet technologies at the EXPERIMEDIA Facility.

The Future Media Internet enhances social interaction and experience through the convergence of new media technologies within advanced applications and services. Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive media, personalisation, wearable sensors, 3D reconstruction and social analytics are transforming the way people learn and play.

The ten experiments conducted at the EXPERIMEDIA Facility so far have taken Future Media technologies and put them into real world environments producing exciting results. EXPERIMEDIA is not only defining the vision of the Future Media Internet it is making that vision a reality.

Read all about the results in our 2013 Smart Venue brochures below or view it all on our YouTube Channel

High Performance Sports Experiences @ CAR

High performance training is a complex endeavor requiring continuous support from specialists responsible for analysis of multi-factor data. Coaches and doctors need accurate measurements in order to offer the correct feedback for performance improvements and to avoiding injuries. Feedback must be timely and often instantaneous to increase the efficiency of training sessions.

Working with CAR the team provided activity recognition and analytics (non-invasive and invasive), instantaneous review and slow motion, remote coaching, new media visualisations of training sessions, field-based analytics and new training regimes.

“EXPERIMEDIA media technologies gives us new opportunities to improve our training methodologies. The 3D visualisations are giving us new options on how we see reality, how we make training decisions and help athletes work and link together with coaches around the world.“ Josep Escoda, CTO CAR

Find out more in the 2013 CAR Smart Venue Brochure


Culture and Heritage Experiences @Foundation of the Hellenic World

Visitor learning requires motivation, presence and interactivity to promote engagement, understanding and recall of exhibits and content. Museums are increasingly using technology to achieve these goals and to reach wider audiences. FMI technologies can provide new ways to learn something of historical and scientific value, whilst offering exciting new experiences.

Working with FHW the team provide interactive immersive presentations including remote experts, the ability for the audience to influence narratives, collective historical analysis, personalised museum visits, interactive role playing games and novel artefact exploration using augmented reality.

“The FMI technologies used by the “Next Gen Digital Domes” experiment clearly enhanced the traditional Tholos Dome experience and gave us valuable insight how to exploit these technologies in the future.” Efraimoglou Dimitris, Managing Director Foundation Hellenic World

Find out more in the 2013 FHW Smart Venue Brochure

Tourism and Entertainment Experiences @Schladming

Tourist locations such as Schladming depend on visitors and their satisfaction. Whether visitors are attending spectator events, participating in mountain sports or exploring nature, providing access to real-time information and interaction before, during and after visits is essential. Future Media Internet technologies must help to attract new visitors, improve the visitor retention rate and contribute to the economic development of the region.

Working with Schladming the team explored new ways to connect local businesses and visitors using social media, augmented reality and interactive videos.

Find out more in the 2013 Schladming Smart Venue Brochure