3D Live Project – 3D Interactive Teleimmersion


3D LIVE and EXPERIMEDIA are EU projects that share significant overlap in their ambitions to push forward the frontiers of Future Media Internet (FMI) technologies and user experiences. In each case, a variety of stakeholders have come together to imagine, … Continued

3D LIVE and EXPERIMEDIA are EU projects that share significant overlap in their ambitions to push forward the frontiers of Future Media Internet (FMI) technologies and user experiences. In each case, a variety of stakeholders have come together to imagine, assemble, integrate and evaluate innovative technologies that will offer new, interactive and engaging experiences for users taking part in novel, venue based activities. What do these two projects offer each other and how can these offerings provide mutual benefit? How are these offers exchanged through collaboration?

3D Live is working on the concept of the Twilight Zone, where experiences can be created through interactive immersive environments linked to real-locations, advances the state-of-the-art in content production and will create new forms of user experience. By mixing content from real-time environment and human sensors indoors and outdoors virtual and augmented environments will be created supporting use cases such as skiing, running and golf. Participation in such environments requires significant investigation due to new modalities of interaction being facilitated.

EXPERIMEDIA’s Contribution to 3D Live

EXPERIMEDIA offers access to Schladming as a prestigious skiing venue for 3D LIVE experimentation. The Schladming venue has an international reputation and hosts high profile skiing events and competitions (most recently, the 2013 FIS Alpine World Skiing championships). Additionally, the venue enjoys a strong and vibrant skiing community in and around the area as well as attracting many thousands of visitors annually. To date, EXPERIMEDIA consortium members have made significant progress in developing Schladming for the realization of 3D LIVE’s skiing scenario, namely:

Disseminating 3D-LIVE project ideas to Schladming2030
Collaboration with Schladming2030 to arrange appropriate access to a physical slope for experimental runs
Providing access to 3D model data for the virtual reconstruction of the physical world skiing slope
Collaboration with Schladming2030 to arrange experimentation with users from the local community

The Schladming2030 group offers positive and active support (in conjunction EXPERIMEDIA coordination) for the 3D LIVE project and related EXPERIMEDIA experimentation within their skiing venue.
EXPERIMEDIA is already actively engaged in FMI based experimentation in a number of venues and with a variety of technical partners. EXPERIMEDIA’s experiences and understanding of managing highly interactive, venue-based experiments is a valuable asset for the 3D LIVE project with respect to developing an experimental design and mapping it to an observational infrastructure.

A significant challenge that the EXPERIMEDIA project is currently addressing is the coordination of a wide range of experimental observation data including quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE) and quality of community (QoC) metrics. In a FMI venue based scenario, experimenters need to be able to marshal these different observations (originating from potentially many different technical platforms and applications) within a unified experimental process and data framework. To this end, a core component of the EXPERIMEDIA baseline technology set, called the ‘Experiment Content Component’ (or ‘ECC’), has been provided for use within 3D LIVE. In brief, the ECC provides the 3D LIVE experimenter with an experimental monitoring system that manages experiments and collects metric data from systems instrumented using its API. The 3D LIVE system architecture will include the development of ECC clients to provide metric data for each of its three experimental scenarios.

3D LIVE’s Contribution to EXPERIMEDIA


The 3D LIVE project explores three game orientated ‘mixed reality’ scenarios in which geographically separated users are connected via virtual and augmented reality interactive systems (some outdoors, some indoors). Each scenario has been crafted to deliver a physical/gaming experience that is shared by all users – achieved only through the unique integration of sensors, interaction devices and VR/AR technologies that the 3D-LIVE project is developing. This rich experimental context provides EXPERIMEDIA with a unique opportunity to further explore the development of cutting edge FMI systems and also to enhance experimental methodologies to provide insight into their application within FMI supporting venues.

User engagement in 3D LIVE is multi-faceted – users are not just expected to take part in experimental runs, but also contribute to the overall design process. Within the 3D LIVE user experience (UX) design process, individuals from related venues and online communities are expected to be engaged in design discussions using scenario-based foci. Their output will provide valuable feedback on the concepts and realization of the mixed reality experience the project expects to deliver. EXPERIMEDIA will significantly benefit from the understanding and application of the specific UX driven design methodology proposed by the 3D LIVE project since it adds highly relevant knowledge to the FMI development process as a whole.

Finally, and unique to 3D LIVE, the project offers an exciting opportunity to explore real-time, mixed reality technologies in an experimental context. The rich array of sensors, reconstruction systems and VR technology that is brought together ‘under one roof’ represents a bold step forward for the state-of-the-art in immersive environments; the technical innovations created here will be of significant value to both projects and may be of significant value for future exploitation.