Understanding of battles and wars in human history (FHW)

The goal of the REENACT experiment is to investigate a new approach to improve the understanding of battles and wars that became milestones in human history. This will be done by taking advantage of the technological features provided by the EXPERIMEDIA facility, and of the spaces, equipment, personnel and contents available to the Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW).
The proposal is to engage groups of people who visit the FHW into an immersive collective experience that will make them learn about a certain battle or war both from the inside, as reenactors, and from the outside, as historians. The activities can be supported by educators, guides and experts. The experiences will be organised in three stages: reenactment (participants moving around spaces and playing certain roles), replay (a collective presentation of how the recreation compares to the real historic events) and debate (a collective brainstorming about the consequences of the conflict in the short, medium and long terms). This approach will be instantiated in the specific scenario of the Battle of the Thermopylae, which is a propitious scenario because the Foundation of the Hellenic World has produced its own multimedia contents about this battle.



The SSI group of the University of Vigo has proven expertise in the development of information services for various domains of applications. While its origins were tightly linked to innovations in the area of Interactive Digital TV for domestic and mobile receivers, its research activities have dealt with transversal technologies that reach far beyond the purposes of any specific media. Thus, it has achieved relevant results in the area of personalisation, recommendation and adaptation of contents grounded on semantic technologies.

With these foundations, the SSI group has carried out pilot projects related to the recommendation of audiovisual contents, personalised mobile TV services, personalised tourist experiences, contextualized and non-intrusive advertising, ambient intelligence, and e-learning services.
In the realm of education, the group has attained significant results in the provision of personalised learning services to Interactive Digital TV (t-learning) and mobile platforms (m-learning), exploring a range of different approaches to pedagogy and andragogy between formal education and pure entertainment.

Most recently, with the aim of combining the power of semantic reasoning technologies and the participation phenomena arising in the knowledge society, the members of the SSI group have been doing research on social network analysis and emergent semantics.


REENACT experiment: Problem Statement, Requirements and PIA Review

D4.9.1, v1.0

This report documents the problem statement of the REENACT experiment, along with its ethics and privacy considerations and the experiment design. An implementation plan is sketched, including requirements and design for the three REENACT subsystems (the REENACT server and the front-ends for administrators, reenactors and experts) and a description of information flows that will exist during the experiment (what information will be collected, by whom, for which purposes, for how long, etc). Appendices are included documenting the initial conception of the experimental scenario of the Battle of Thermopylae, including the scripts and the catalogue of roles and actions for the live recreation of the event by a community of users, as well as sets of challenges and questions for collective games and quizzes.
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REENACT Experiment Progress report

D4.9.2, v1.0

This report summarizes the progress made in the development of the REENACT experiment, following the description of goals, requirements, design and implementation plan included in D4.9.1. Details are given regarding the construction of the different pieces of software that will make up the REENACT system, and also regarding the use and integration of resources bundled in the EXPERIMEDIA facility. Updates of risk and opportunities management, value impact and privacy impact assessment, and dissemination efforts are included too.
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