Digital Schladming


CIT platform with hyperlocal information (Schladming)

The IN2 scenario is founded on Schladming Pinboard within the context of Digital Schladming. The ambition of the ski resort is to develop a CIT platform which will contain hyperlocal information. It is expected that the usage of the platform will satisfy the tourists needs and consequently his fidelity. The IN2 Experiments will help the local stakeholders but also the region to understand what are the challenges of the approach with the Future Internet capacity.

The experiment should help them to understand:

  • what investment in the infrastructure is necessary to support good Quality of Experience;
  • what are the expected information for guests with multimedia contents;
  • if hyperlocal information services will be taken up successfully;
  • what patterns of usage of hyperlocal services are most relevant to the guests of a touristic region and its local stakeholders;
  • which kind of information, what amount and in what way should the information be presented to the guests of a touristic region (in winter and in summer) infrastructure;
  • what needs to be monitored by the stakeholder and how to provide user friendly tools for monitoring the experiments.

Tourists will be asked to subscribe to an information service, DigitalSchladming where they can, from their tablet or mobile, look for points of interest and plan their day in the resort. The service can indicate them where to find shops, ski slopes, etc, but also the practical information such as which slope is open and let them share it with their community. This experience can continue after they stay in Schladming, as they will have the possibility to get new information about the station and possibly some opportunities and special offers.

The DigitalSchladming experiment will use the SCC and AVCC baseline components of the EXPERIMEDIA project. The experiment is centred on an information-rich, web-based media channel for the entire region, the Schladming PinBoard, and a personal hub for media contents of each end-user, MySchladming. The two systems are seamlessly interconnected, allowing the end-users of MySchladming to effortlessly publish the content they want to the Schladming PinBoard. Together the two systems are able to create a hyperlocal temporally bound community.



IN2 is a best-of-class provider of award-winning solutions and services to interface with multimedia content. We transform content repositories into extended media asset management systems by supplying advanced rich media indexing tools and creating flexible interfaces that:

  • enable search beyond metadata and descriptions;
  • allow fast publishing, web 2.0 tagging and expert-level granular annotations;
  • provide multi-faceted browsing and visualisations of digital collections and
  • support simplified navigation of vast digital assets, enabling speedy and smooth user access.

Our packaged solutions comprise the ON:meedi:a ecosystem, a web-based, service-oriented framework for managing and publishing multimedia data. Using ON:meedi:a, the cultural and creative industries get a flexible and powerful system where all of their media can live. We used ON:meedi:a to build Followtheplace, a social network to share photos about places.

At the forefront of technology, IN2 is collaborating with leading research groups and innovative companies to offer our customers the most advanced technologies in digital libraries, multimedia management, content search and publishing.


DigitalSchladming Experiment Problem Statement and Requirements

D4.4.1, v1.0

This deliverable describes the Digital Schladming experiment to be carried out by IN2 on the Schladming facility. The deliverable is based on the initial description of the experiment as has been presented in the Description of Work and the study of the EXPERIMEDIA specifications and infrastructure capabilities, extending the initial experiment description with a detailed view on the required functionalities and the planned deployment of the Digital Schladming experiment made up of two component applications: MySchladming and the Schladming Pinboard.
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