Personalising users’ experiences inside a museum (FHW)

The target of the EXPERIMEDIA BLUE experiment is to explore the use of users’ visiting and cognitive styles in order to personalize their experiences inside a museum. Before and after a visit, visitors will be able to respectively setup their cognitive profile and preferences, as well as to share their visits with others through a custom-made social network application, entitled “My Museum Story”. During the museum visit, smart routing recommendations for exhibits and content to see, as well as personalized content descriptions are offered to them.

The BLUE experiment will take place in the premises of the Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW), a high technology, user experience-oriented museum, which is situated in Athens, Greece and is one of the three experimentation venues of the EXPERIMEDIA project. The expected outcome of the BLUE experiment is to both improve researchers’ ability to match museum visitors to cognitive profiles and, most importantly, to considerably improve user experience within the museum, by offering personalized routing and exhibit descriptions tailored to the visitors’ visiting styles and cognitive preferences.



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BLUE Experiment: Description, Problem Statement and Requirements

D4.8.1, v1.0

This deliverable describes the problem statements and requirements related to the BLUE experiment, which focuses on providing enriched experience of museum’s visitors through context-aware recommendations based on their cognitive profile, driving their visits and allowing them to set-up and share their museums experiences on social networks. It also provides the model and description of the experimental setup, knowing the constraints of the FHW venue in which the experiment will be conducted, including the experiment’s different components, their characteristics and how they communicate. Finally, it includes a technical description of the software applications dedicated to the personalized museum visit that will be developed.
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BLUE Experiment Progress Report

D4.8.2, v1.0

This intermediate report describes the current implementation and status of the BLUE experiment, as well as first experimental results obtained. It provides updates on the FHW venue constraints, the final scenario for the experiment and the associated technical IT infrastructure and architecture.
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