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Media software and services integrated with smart venue infrastructure
Open Access 2014
  • Augmented Table Tennis

    10th October 2014

    EXPERIMEDIA continues to realise CAR’s inspirational ideas for using innovative media technology for high performance sports […]

  • Exhibition Beacons

    10th October 2014

    FHW are working with technology companies from the Gi-Cluster Innohub Centre to develop a new approach for tracking the location o […]

  • Students Light Up Schladming with EXPERIMEDIA Pervasive Games

    8th October 2014

    Successfull students from the EXPERIMEDIA Student Competition visited the Schladming Smart Venue to turn their ideas into reality. […]

  • Smart Ski Goggles

    20th February 2014

    “Smart Ski Goggles” aims to experiment with a real-time information system implemented into a wearable data goggle (Oakley Air […]

  • iCaCoT

    20th February 2014

    iCaCoT aims to develop techniques for interactive camera-based coaching and training (iCaCoT) for visitors and sports enthusiasts […]


    5th December 2013

    The aim of the CARVIREN Experiment is to development a Virtual Community for The CAR Venue, where cinematic and physiological para […]

  • 3DRSBA

    25th February 2014

    3D Remote Sports Biomechanics Analysis: bringing biomechanical analysis to the athlete


    25th February 2014

    Enhancing visitor experience in history learning by using gamification technology combined with 3D avatars

  • 3D Acrobatics

    1st October 2012

    Improving athletes’ performance through 3D motion capture (CAR)


    1st October 2012

    Understanding of battles and wars in human history (FHW)

  • BLUE

    1st October 2012

    Personalising users’ experiences inside a museum (FHW)

  • MEDIAConnect

    1st October 2012

    Online video-based interaction without limits (Schladming)

  • Digital Schladming

    1st October 2012

    CIT platform with hyperlocal information (Schladming)

  • CONFetti

    1st October 2012

    Augmented reality 3D video conferencing tool for remote sports training (CAR)

  • 3D Media In Sports

    1st October 2013

    The goal of 3D Media In Sports experiment at CAR is to investigate the usefulness of 3D information in high performance sports tra […]

  • Next Gen Digital Domes

    25th August 2012

    Just as interactive exhibits were introduced in museums to accommodate the presumed educational needs and active desires of young […]

  • Pinpoint Schladming

    25th August 2012

    Being in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting. Imagine you had a signpost with you, everywhere you went! In this experiment a […]

  • Live Syncro Swimming

    31st October 2013

    The main challenge of the Live Synchronized Swimming experiment is to enhance the process to improve execution on quality and accu […]